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Tomáš is the ultimate professional. Alongside his excellent piano playing he also goes in for singing. A succession of awards in singing competitions speaks for his qualities. As a composer of incidental music he works with J.A. Pitinský and is currently studying “Musicology” in Olomouc. In 2016 he gained second prize at the national Pianist of the Year competition in Prague. This year he represented the PETROF company with a P 173 Breeze at the Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro.

Tomáš Jeřábek learned to play the piano before going on to qualify in the “Art and Craft of Organ Building” in Krnova. He trained at the organ-building firms Hermann Eule, Remy Mahler, Bruno Dilenseger and Harisson & Harisson, and became artistic adviser to Rieger-Kloss. His work with this firm took him to Beirut and Tjan-Jin, China, where he improvised for entire evenings on virtuoso Marcussen and Rieger-Kloss instruments. In 2011 he founded an organ-building firm, which operates in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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