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She is a Czech-Macedonian pianist and teacher, a member of the ČSVA, a member of the Club of Moravian Composers, and an artistic director and chairwoman of the Intercultural Creative Life Association. She finished her studies at FMU in Skopje in Macedonia, in the class of Professor Stela Slejanská, and at JAMU in Brno in the Czech Republic, under the leadership of professor Zdeněk Hnát. Norma Fisher, her professor from London's Royal College of Music, instructed her even further.

Ema has worked closely with artists such as Sergej Gadžijev, Ikuko Endo, Anton Dikov, Edith Picht Axenfeld, Gert Hecher, Ludmila Šimková, and many others. Throughout her career, she played in several concerts in many countries throughout Europe and Canada. Ema performs solos, piano duets, and various chamber ensembles. With Gert Hecher, a famous Viennese pianist, they form a unique piano duo focusing on nineteenth-century salon music. They performed in the PETROF Gallery as a part of the Liszt-Faust symphony project. She is currently collaborating with the soprano Viera Gulázsi-Maňásková. She has performed with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Silesian Theatre in Opava, the National Theatre in Brno, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Olomouc, the Philharmonic Orchestra in Brno, the Czech Virtuosi, and the Philharmonic Orchestra in Hradec Králové. Furthermore, she is a regular jury member of various national and international music competitions and lectures and leads courses in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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