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The concert-DUO PETROF is where the brilliant pianists Anatoly Zatin and Vlada Vassilieva show off their skills. Their duet-playing is a favourite with audiences in America, Europe and Asia. The characteristic dynamism, originality and creativity of this duo are captivating. Together they have set new standards in duet-playing, which they also showed to perfection at Carnegie Hall. Their latest album “DUO PETROF plays ANT. PETROF”, which came out in April 2017, was made in close collaboration with our company.

Their 88 x 2: Music for Two Pianos album won the silver medal at the Global Music Awards in 2015 and the bronze award at the Prestige Music Awards in 2016. In the same year, their famous version for two pianos of El Jarabe Tapatio (The Mexican Hat Dance) was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media prize. DUO PETROF celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2013 and we are honoured that they represent the good name of PETROF all over the world with their fascinating playing..

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