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PETROF's experienced craftsmen are expert in restoring old acoustic instruments to their former glory and beauty. We are pleased to offer you their services, which pay tribute to the work and skill of our predecessors. We have many years’ experience in making pianos, and can guarantee perfect craftsmanship and use of the correct materials. We carry out professional renovation with sensitivity, so as not to damage the original spirit of the instrument, but rather intensify its uniqueness.


First of all we must examine the instrument. Only then can we ascertain the state it is in and what will need to be repaired or which parts need changing. We initially ask you to send a photograph. In order for us to evaluate the extent of the renovation and its approximate price, however, our specialist will come and inspect the instrument.

After a thorough examination of the instrument our specialists will propose an appropriate solution, including a preliminary cost estimate. Once we have ascertained all your requirements and you are happy with the price, we will transport the piano to our workshop and start work.



Should you be interested in our services, please fill in the form or contact our specialists at  renovation@petrof.com. We look forward to working with you and to returning your instrument to its original shine and glory.

Good Morning Mr Kahl,

The piano has arrived in good order and been installed, and I have been playing it. I should like to take this opportunity to thank you, Mr. Šír, and all who contributed to its successful renovation. The result is outstanding, and it is clearly the work of highly specialised professionals. The piano is simply beautiful, like new, and has a full, bright tone. I am delighted with it. I wish Petrof, the factory and its workforce many more years’ success, and hope that people will snap out of their digital entrancement and once more make music on real acoustic instruments. Petrof deserves nothing less. Allow me to thank you personally for your exemplary and fair-minded cooperation. With my best regards and wishes for success in your work

MUDr. Pavel Černák, PhD.,

Bratislava, 2016

Good morning Mr. Kahl,

I wish to thank you for the excellent renovation of my Petrof model 1 piano. I have been happy with everything, from the initial contact to the final work on the piano. I am particularly pleased with the adjustment of the action and its beautiful clear sound. I should like to thank you and your team, and wish you every success.

Best regards, Bartos

Renewal of the mechanical system, May 2017

Dear Madam,

In 2016 I handed my 1910 Petrof grand piano to PETROF for major repairs. The matter was dealt with by Mr. Kahl, and I was able to meet your craftsmen personally, first when the piano was transported from Český Těšín to Hradec Králové, and then when it was returned after the repairs. Although they were faced with a very demanding task of reconstruction, the result is outstanding. I now have a beautiful new piano with a splendid sound, and am particularly gratified that your craftsmen did all they could to rebuild the old instrument just as it was, and also provided information about its manufacture and history. After its delivery, your service technician came to retune the piano and and offered to tune it any time he was travelling to Ostrava.

In short, your craftsmen are splendid, expert in their field, and an asset to your company.

With the greatest respect

Gerta Remešová, 2016

More photos before and after THE renovation

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