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When I was asked if I would like to play a PETROF piano on my tour of the Czech and Slovak Republics, I immediately seized the opportunity. PETROF is a worldwide name. I’d known of the make over many years, but rarely had the chance actually to play on a PETROF. That’s why I was so happy now. Such a warm and rich tone, such clear reverberation! I’m looking forward to playing one again. Thank you!

Ben Dawson


Greetings to you. I’m Antonio Formaro from Argentina and just now I’m in Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. Today I’ve been working with this instrument from the PETROF company’s workshop. I would say this is a comparatively small grand piano. The „Bora 159“ model, however, although reduced in length and equal in width in comparison with other instruments from PETROF’s workshop, is characterised by the rich, compact sound of the instrument’s middle range. In my opinion this is an unusual feature in pianos of this size and there are hardly any similar models available on the market. I think this is a splendid instrument for professionals living in flats or smaller houses, as well as for concerts in smaller concert halls.It is especially interesting that the sound in the middle range is very compact and its deeper part produces tones of such depth as to make you think you’re playing on a larger instrument. The same applies to the upper range, which offers enough distinctiveness for the playing of every kind of tone. For this reason I regard it as an excellent and unique instrument of its type.

Antonio Formaro


It was an experience to play on a Petrof instrument, whose sound and action let the player produce the slightest nuance of tone he may desire

Rudolf Firkušný


I recently had the honour of playing with my respected colleague Igor Ardashev in the Beijing National Polly Theatre and at the Czech Embassy in Beijing. We played on the ANT.PETROF 275, a beautiful new concert grand, and a PETROF P210 Pasat.I was personally most impressed with the PETROF grand’s romantic tone. These pianos really have managed to maintain their long historical inheritance. Their reputation, sound, quality and precise design are renowned in my part of the world and I can warmly recommend them to anyone, pianists and audiences alike.

Jana Chaudhuri


Dear Mrs Petrofová
I should like to thank you for receiving our whole family in such a kind and professional way, and for giving us of your time in your beautiful piano salon. Your PETROF P 131 upright is a truly splendid instrument. The month we have spent playing on it has been a pleasure not just for me and my husband, but for everyone who has had the chance to listen. The more I play it, the more I am delighted that we chose it. The sound is superb, absolutely crystal clear. I wish you every success and indeed the very best, not just you personally but your whole family and of course the PETROF company. Please accept my best wishes, and I look forward to working with you again.

Hana Sladká


Usually, when a pianist comes across an upright, he sees it as a temporary instrument for practising before playing a grand, or as a convenient option for spaces where a classical grand won’t fit. Yet I would say that this P 125 F, which I’ve had the chance to try out for myself, effectively eliminates any difference the pianist may perceive between playing a grand piano, and playing an ordinary upright merely for practice purposes. Its action really makes you feel as if you were playing a grand, without in any way losing its typical, high-quality PETROF sound. Now of course one can’t contend that an upright should replace a grand on the concert platform, but even so I’m sure that this instrument would work perfectly on stages where a grand wouldn’t fit, or as a professional concert instrument for pianists to get ready in the vestibule, or else as a musical instrument for teaching piano-playing in smaller spaces.

Lukáš Hrubeš, 2016

When I first stumbled upon my upright Petrof, two things immediately stood out to me. The amazing depth of the bass notes which are almost always attributed to the best of grand pianos, as well as the beautiful, rich, romantic tone it exhibited. Warmth and sensitivity are two very important characteristics a piano must have for me. Without the ability to express emotion, a piano is worthless to me. Petrof allows me to translate these very emotions into music and therefore express my soul in a language others can hear. Without this fine instrument, my soul is unheard. Thank you Petrof for maintaining your experienced craftsmanship and creating this undeniably beautiful work of art. You give musicians a voice they could only dream of having.
Ara, 2017

David Friesen about the PETROF Grand piano

Though I am primarily a Jazz bassist, I also compose and perform on piano. I own a wonderful PETROF Grand Piano. What sets my PETROF Grand Piano apart from other great pianos I have played, is the warmth of sound and great action response to my touch. I love the Detoa action! There is a wonderful togetherness of sound and touch that evolves in the spirit of the music when I play my PETROF Grand Piano.

David Friesen, 2015

Emilio Solla, pianist, music inventor, New York

I have hadclassical training in the piano in Buenos Aires for years, and then moved to Impovised and jazz related music. During all these years I believe I have developer a personal touch and sound, and that’s the main thing I look for in a piano: to be able to get my own sound, Instead of performing with the piano’s own sound. So my sound checks are not a show of notes, but sometimes I merely play one note, or one chord, to know what I am dealing with. In this occasion, that was enough to know everything was going to b ethere. I had no idea that Petrof’s big pianos planos would have such a warm, deep sound. I had a great time performing, and could find in the piano everything I needed, from crystal, Debussyan oriented passages to the strong attact of more traditional tango bass notes.

Emilio Solla, 2009

Colleen Lee, pianist, Hong Kong

Thank you for providing a promising instrument. A have had a good time with the piano. Many best wishes to Petrof Piano.

Collen Lee, 2008

Jacob Collier about the P 194 Storm

A throughly beatiful piano - Soft sensitive and warm. It can also be bright when it needs to be. It has a nice low sensitive register and sings in the hight register. Thank you very much.

Jacob Collier, 2016

Ct. Filip Kormuth MMus Lic., Composer, Pianist, Pedagogue

Just for information; my instrument is currently in Durban, South Africa. It is a beautiful instrument on which I perform and teach.

Filip Kormuth, 2015

Antonio Morales about the P 125 Upright Piano

I bought this piano from a former owner (a pianist), and I am very pleased with the sound, the joy it has brought home. Kind regards

Antonio Morales, 2017

Clive Ackroyd about the P 210 Pasat Grand Piano and the P 135 Upright Piano, Royal Academy of Music

I am writing to say that is a pleasure to have the Petrof 210 grand piano and the 135 upright here at athe Royal Academy of Music.Petrof pianos have a fine quality of touch and tone that they maintain, despite the rigirs of intensive use they receive here at the Royal Academy od Music.I don’t hesitate to speak highly of these pianos and would recommend them to enyone who is looking for high quality instrument.

Clive Ackroyd, 2007

Boris Krajný about the P 210 Pasat

Beautiful instrument - mechanics adjusted, sound balanced - maximum level of satisfaction. Thank you.

Boris Krajný, 2016

Daniel Wiesner about the P 210 Pasat

It was a joy to play the local PETROF grand piano, I especially appreciate the colourful aspect of the instrument’s sound - the piano is acoustically very pleasant. Best wishes,

Daniel Wiesner, 2016

Jelena Nosková about the P 210 Pasat

Excellent quality and high level of tuning - thank you for everything!

Jelena Nosková, 2016

Renata Ardaševová about the P 210 Pasat

Very pleasant as far as touch-feeling go, with a very colourful and inspiring sound, simply a piano that brings joy to the artist as well as the listener I wish you more pianos like this one!

Renata Ardaševová, 2016

Czech pianist Michal Mašek about PETROF Grand Pianos

Petrof grand pianos have always been among my favourites...

Michal Mašek

Petr Malásek, Czech pianist and composer

The instrument that I’ve been playing for years is always perfectly prepared and I enjoy playing it as much as if it were my own! Many heartfelt thanks.

Petr Malásek

Czech pianist Ondřej Kabrna at the Swing Festival about the P 194 Storm
Thank you for your beautiful pianos, and everything else. I wish you all the best.
Ondřej Kabrna, 2015

Karel Kodlinský about the P 194 Storm, Swing Festival 2015

The soft and reliable action allows you to work with the tone. A very pleasant, rounded sound: playing it gave me a very good feeling.

Karel Kodlinský, 2015

Czech pianist Daniel Wiesner at the Concertino Praga about the P 194 Storm

 At the Concertino Praga Festival I played on a Petrof piano. The piano was excellently prepared, and the action and sound of the instrument were excellent. Thank you.

Daniel Wiesner, 2017

Stanislav Gallin, the Czech pianist, about the P 194 Storm

A PETROF piano is like a your best friend. We grew up together and have had a lot of fun. Occasionally he’s endured some angry blows, but then again he’s responded to the most gentle of touches. I’ve always been able to depend on him. Thank you!

Stanislav Gallin, 2017

Czech pianist Jana Goliášová about the P 210 Pasat

I am very happy with the piano, both technically, and with regard to its sound It was very well tuned. My thanks to PETROF for enabling me to play such a splendid instrument.

Jana Goliášová, 2016

Karel Košárek, czech pianist about the P 210 Pasat Grand piano

It was a pleasure for me to play on this instrument: both its sound and its action ensured a success. Congratulations.

Karel Košárek

Czech Pianist Dora Nováková about the P 210 Pasat

I shall always have fond memories of a perfectly tuned and well-balanced piano

Dora Nováková, 2014

Jan Simon, czech pianist about PETROF Pianos

I’d like to thank you for the presentation of the new instruments. Overall, I must say that the user-friendliness of the concert grand has increased considerably, be it the Antonín Petrof series or the "standard" Mistral models. Personally I’d have had little hesitation in choosing a Mistral 626 751: for me it is a most elaborately constructed piano with a very homogeneous sound across the register. Many congratulations!

Jan Simon, 2016

Prof. Ivan Klánský about the PETROF Grand Piano
Very beautiful piece - long sound, absolutely balanced in bass and discant, mechanically precision. I feel the joy of playing such an instrument.
Ivan Klánský, 2016

Nikos Tasopoulos about the PETROF Grand Piano

My opinion concerning Petrof pianos:

Some attitudes devote piano to two kinds: Those whose sound can not "move back" to "promote" the masterpiece: the "objectively good" piano. And those whose sound can "move back", of course, in a sophisticated way, to let the masterpiece "enter our heart" more easily.

I think Petrof pianos belong to the second category, and I experience this when I perform to mine.  The feelings are so cute, and inspiring!

Nikos Tasopoulos, 2017

Zuzana Filipová about the PETROF Grand Piano
We liked the piano a lot for its light action, balanced sound, and back tone. 
Zuzana Filipová, 2017

Mašek´s family about the PETROF Upright Piano
Thank you for the beautiful instrument I have dreamed of since childhood. The PETROF brand was a clear choice - perfect quality and service.
Maškovi, 2018

Mr. Bernadet about P 127 Next
P 127 Next upright piano has surpassed our expectations. Beautiful design and authentic PETROF round and romantic sound - all this will be one provocative landmark and at the same time the heart of our home.
p. Bernadet, 2019

Jan Schulmeister about the P 210 Pasat Grand Piano
Thank you very much for the beautiful piano Pasat. Playing it felt wonderful, especially in such a beautiful hall. The piano has an amazing keystroke, which is very worthwhile in this acoustics because I don't have to worry about something coming up. Next, I have to commend the tone color, which allows me to different sound breaks. The piano is very multifunctional because I do not have to fight for the weak pianissimo, as well as for the mighty fortissimo. Thank you again for playing such a grand piano.
Jan Schulmeister, 2019

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