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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our customers are asking how to disinfect the piano correctly to remove bacteria and viruses without damaging the surface.

Our specialists have developed detailed instructions on how to disinfect pianos and what products are safe to use:


  • Use alcohol-based disinfectants. Do not use bleach or any product containing citrus extracts.
  • It is possible to use both spray (with a sprinkler) and standard liquid products. Apply the product on a disposable cloth. Do not apply directly to the surface of the instrument.
  • Always wipe the piano dry with a new dry cloth - do not leave any liquid on the surface of the piano or the keys.
  • Immediately after use, throw away the used cloth and wash your hands with warm water and soap, use hand disinfectant afterward. Do not use wipes repeatedly!
  • Clean instrument gently without using excessive force and without unnecessarily "scrubbing" of the surface. Always proceed carefully and with caution.
  • When cleaning the keys, it is necessary to treat the entire surface, including semi-tones (and their sides). After the application, it is crucial to wipe off any liquid.



  1. Sanytol - Universal spray disinfectant with the scent of eucalyptus
  2. Dettol - General Cleaning Antibacterial Liquid surface cleaner spray
  3. Krystal - Universal disinfection spray

Warning: It is crucial, before the first use, to test the surface for a reaction with the disinfection and the cloth. Find a hidden place on the instrument on which you should observe the effect. Apply the product on the surface of your piano and wipe it dry. In case nothing happens after several minutes, the product is safe to use.

After using the disinfection, you can polish the wooden instrument parts with a commonly used surface polishing agent (it is necessary to use a new dry cloth).
Always wipe the satin cabinet parts in the direction of the decor and pores.



  1. Wypall L30 Ultra+ (Kimberly Clark)
  2. Dry cloth box 280 pcs color white for clean surroundings (Kimberly Clark)

It is crucial to make sure that both the product and cloth don't scratch the surface by finding a hidden place on the instrument to try it on.

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