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At PETROF we have always placed the greatest emphasis on the utmost quality of our instruments. Their faultless operation and their romantic, gentle tone, nowadays the distinguishing mark of all PETROF pianos, have always been in our hearts.

Much has changed since 1864, when Antonín Petrof laid the foundations of production. However, we have remained true to the values and the heritage of our predecessors, and nearly 80% of production operations are still carried out by honest handwork. This gives us all the more reason to be proud of the certificates and awards that testify to public recognition of the quality of our instruments.



The best quality materials are a crucial part of our construction process. In 2007, PETROF was granted the EEX certificate which has been a part of all our instruments in form of a seal since then. It guarantees the european origin and premium quality of all our materials.




ISO Certification

PETROF uses a certified integrated system of quality and environmental management. Valid certificates issued by certification institute TUV CZ prove that we meet the requirements set by standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

  • ISO 9001 specifies the requirements of the quality management system that help sustain a stable level of the production process and thus ensure high quality of services and products provided to costumers.
  • ISO 14001 defines the requirements of the environmental management system. The environmental management reduces impacts of the company on the environment which leads to its improvement.
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czech superbrands 2019

In 2019, we were again ranked among Superbrands Award winners based on the jury's opinion. The Superbrands seal get brands with an outstanding reputation.

The prize is recognized as a special award in 90 countries on five continents.

The Silver Archer

The Silver Archer Award was launched in Russia in 1997. Its première in the Czech Republic took place in 2016, with the aim of supporting and developing Czech-Russian relations. Our company has won this award in the field of Business and Business Communication as a direct result of business cooperation between the two countries over the last hundred and fifty years. It was an honour for us to participate in the Silver Archer’s first season in the Czech Republic.

Český goodwill
Český goodwill


Czech Goodwill is an award for businessmen and companies that people respect. That’s why we feel a strong gratification for our 1st place in the Tradition category.

This award proves that PETROF company actively participates in supporting and reinforcing the tradition of pure czech products. We are happy to be able to take part in the development of czech culture through our craft.

Czech Business Silver

The award of Czech Television Czech Business Silver was first given in 2015 and it went straight to our factory of grand pianos and upright pianos in Hradec Králové.

This award of quality and tradition is presented to companies who trust the Czech legal system, pay all their taxes in the Czech Republic and represent Czech business in the best way abroad.

České podnikatelské stříbro


We earned the Superbrands Award based on the preferences of costumers and opinion of a professional jury. For us it’s a proof of great public awareness of the PETROF brand.

The Superbrands programme began 20 years ago in Great Britain and it became popular all over the world. Nowadays, it’s recognised as a special acknowledgement in 88 countries on five continents.

Exporter of the year 2012

Another award we greatly appreciate is The Exporter of 2012. We have earned it despite a tough period when the production of pianos in Europe gradually decreased since 2000. However, PETROF kept its market share and even significantly increased sales especially to eastern countries – ranging from Russia to Australia. Thanks to that we moved to the 5th place of the yearly national competition for the exporter of the year.

Exportér roku 2012

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