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When two worlds of art merge into one universe

PETROF Gemini: A high-end upright piano with an epoch-making design


PETROF, the world-renowned manufacturer of acoustic upright and grand pianos, presented on 6/6/2023 at Kabelovna Studios a revolutionary project that combines a long tradition with modern technologies and fine art. The result is an entirely new dimension of musical enjoyment. PETROF Gemini is not just a musical instrument; it is a masterpiece that transcends ordinary boundaries.

PETROF Gemini is first and foremost a high-end piano. Through hammers and strings, romantic tones fly out of it. The sound can also be transformed into digital form thanks to the built-in adsilent system. PETROF Gemini can be both loud and completely silent by plugging in the headphones.

What makes this instrument unique is its original design, which makes it an artistic gem. An abstract painting, a charming landscape, an irresistible portrait—whatever the future owner decides on, PETROF Gemini will become a captivating solitaire in any space where it is placed. PETROF Gemini is a way to express your individuality and refined taste.

In addition to PETROF, which has been a significant European manufacturer of acoustic pianos since 1864, the Havlíček brothers—Karel and Maxim, the world-renowned composer and artist participated in the creation of PETROF Gemini.

"We like to connect music with painting," the twins agree, noting that although each of them lives on a different continent, they are constantly collaborating on new projects.

Maxim is the author of the visual appearance of PETROF Gemini: "The original painting that will be part of each instrument can be removed." So if the owner decides to place the piano against the wall, it is also possible to hang the painting on the wall.

His brother Karel, as a multi-instrumentalist and music composer, participated in the creation of the entire project concept and appreciates that the PETROF Gemini, thanks to the built-in adsilent system, combines all the advantages of an acoustic and digital instrument: "I know that sometimes I disturb my neighbours with my playing, that's why I wanted that PETROF Gemini has the possibility of digital audio transmission to headphones," he shares his experience and adds that adsilent also allows you to write notes to a computer or other device, offers the sounds of more than a hundred other instruments, or also the ability to store up to 10 of your own songs.

"We are considered to be innovators in the industry," explains the president of PETROF company, Susan Petrof, adding that she is very happy to make custom-made instruments. "Our mission is to bring joy and beauty to people."

Although it is a modern piano, it is accompanied by handwork from start to finish, starting with careful production, through the unique author's painting, until the moment when the instrument touches the hand of the pianist. In short, PETROF Gemini is a symbol of the connection between passion for music, original painting, sophisticated technology, and traditional craftsmanship. Discover its power.


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