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Michal Horáček admired the beauty and excellence of our instruments

An important event in our company’s recent past belongs without doubt to the visit of Mr Michal Horáček (writer, essayist, journalist, writer, poet, producer and trained anthropologist) who is a candidate for president of the Czech Republic.

Mr Horáček led a group that visited PETROF on Friday 24th February. After a brief welcome from the representatives of the management of our company, the group had a chance to see the manufacturing processes and was guided on a tour of the production facilities and the Museum. Mr Horáček lively debated with our staff and was asking questions about everything that caught his attention in the factory.

In the Museum he listened to a story about the difficult past of the company and the Petrof family and paid tribute to our beautiful instruments and the entire company. His enthusiasm was clearly expressed by his wonderful comments in our guestbook, which we appreciate very much:

"Charming transformation of wood and metal into a master instrument. We have enjoyed seeing the work and skill, thank you!"