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Jan Schulmeister is by far the youngest member of the PETROF Art Family at the age of 13. Also, he is the youngest finalist in the Concertino Praga international competition for young musicians.

The competition, which has been organized by Český rozhlas since 1966, will be full of the exceptional atmosphere of direct competition this year. The four finalists will have to stand not only in front of the audience but also in front of a jury, which will include first-class musicians, for example, a pianist Lukáš Vondráček, a conductor Jakub Hrůša, and a violinist Václav Hudeček.

Honza will compete with a piano concerto composition, A minor, Op. 16 by Edvard Grieg.

The ticket office starts during June. For up-to-date information concerning the advanced booking and how to buy the ticket, please, follow the competition website: https://www.dvorakovapraha.cz/en/