Upravit stránku

It's the 7th of October 2015, just after midday. The gates of  PETROF Company Ltd open wide, and a succession of Czech businessmen drives in. The reason is plain. PETROF's president and Manager of the Year 2014 Mrs Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová is playing host to sixty of her colleagues who have all won awards from this prestigious survey.

There to welcome them in the PETROF Museum were Pavel Kafka, President of the Czech Managers' Association, and Mrs Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová. The dignified atmosphere of this place was enhanced by the playing of the jazz pianist Jan Horák. A team from the Aquarium restaurant added to the ambience with their gastronomic specialities, whose aroma filled the entire space and allowed our guests to forget their hectic daily routine.

Our visitors were treated to a two-hour tour of our entire factory. The director of the PETROF Museum, Ivana Petrofová, guided them through the more than 150-year history of piano making in Hradec Králové. Then, accompanied by our employees, they moved straight on to the production area. The guides gave their expert commentary as our employees showed their manual skills, skills that create world-class musical instruments. The director of Research & Development introduced our guests to some unique instruments from his workshop, in particular the premiere brand ANT.PETROF and the completely new P 159 Bora Madrona grand. To complete the programme, Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová shared with her fellow managers her experience with innovations at PETROF..

We are glad that we managed to arrange such a pleasant and important visit. Judging from their curiosity and lively discussion, we feel confident that our visitors were offered a really attractive programme. After the event, we received several very positive responses. Dr. Bjoem Eriksson, a Swedish pilot and ICAO inspector, expressed his admiration for our skilled workforce and long tradition. He also shared with his interesting experience with an instrument of ours, which in 1974 was on the flight deck of a Boeing 747 for the delectation and comfort of the first class passengers.