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Upright piano P 131 M1

P 131 M1

Rigorous design, open heart

Because of the power and colour of its tone, we also place the P 131 M1 among the concert instruments of the Highest Series. This piano places no limits on the musicians’ art, creating generous space for their self-fulfilment. This piano is remarkable for the modern, simplified design of its cabinet, making it an ideal addition to many music schools and larger interiors.

Listen to the sound of the instrument

  • Revolutionary EtudeFrédéric Chopin

Grand piano ground view

  • Depth - 600 mm | 23 5/8"
  • Height - 1310 mm | 51 1/2"
  • Width - 1455 mm | 57 1/4"
  • Weight - 253kg | 557 lb


Black, high polish (0801)
Mahagony, high polish (3281)
Walnut, high polish (2251)
* Other finishes per order
  • Technical specification
    Depth (mm)   600
    Width (mm)1455
    Height (mm)1310
    Weight (kg)253
    Sound board materialResonance spruce wood
    Active area of soundboard (m2)1,2222
    Ribs (number, shape)10, spherical
    Soundboard constructionwedgewise tapered, 9 mm in upper section - 7 mm in lower section
    Cast iron plateWet sand casting
    Surfacing of iron platelight gold metallic paint, diamond effect
    Pin block - materialMultiplex beech plywood, density 800 - 850 kg/m3
    Wooden frame construction, materialspruce wood, 3+2 posts
    Cut off bar (corner cross rib) - material, numberbeech, 1
    Cabinet materialMDF, plywood, soil wood
    Bridge - treblebeech wood
    Bridge - bassbeech wood
    Bridge pinssteel-round tips
    Agraffes material - numberbrass, 88
    Strings - materialsteel wire Röslau Germany, copper winding Degen Germany
    Hitching of plain stringsdouble
    Dampers - number1 - 70
    Black keysAcrylate plastic
    Pedalsleft - Piano pedal, midle - Muffler (moderator) pedal, right - Forte pedal
    Felts colourred
    Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech.yes
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