Upravit stránku
Upright piano Colours


The PETROF upright piano in a dramatic red is a unique instrument. You cannot fail to notice it! We know it is not for everyone – some will want a colour to go with their favourite car, of their home interior. We can cover any model of PETROF piano with any colour you can imagine. Why not romantic lilac or ocean blue? Everything is possible!

Would you like to play and not disturb your surroundings? Try the AdSilent system.

After installing the AdSilent system into your piano, you will hear its sound in your headphones and thus you will not disturb your surroundings.

  • Technical specification
     Depth (mm)   606
     Width (mm)1448
     Height (mm)1350
     Weight (kg)256
     Sound board materialResonance spruce wood
     Active area of soundboard (m²)1,222
     Ribs – number, shape10, spherical
     Soundboard constructionwedgewise tapered 9 mm in upper section – 7 mm in lower section
     Cast iron plateWet sand casting
     Surfacing of iron platelight gold metallic paint, diamond effect
     Pin block - materialMultiplex beech plywood, density 800 - 850 kg/m3
     Wooden frame construction,   materialspruce woods, 3+2 posts
     Cut off bar (corner cross rib) – material, numberbeech, 1
     Cabinet materialMDF, plywood, solid wood
     Bridge - treblebeech wood
     Bridge - bassbeech wood
     Bridge pinssteel – round tips
     Agraffes material - numberbrass, 88
     Strings - materialsteel wire Röslau Germany, copper winding Degen Germany
     Hitching of plain stringsdouble
     Dampers - numberled.70
     Pedalsleft – Piano pedal, midle – Muffler (moderator) pedal,
     right – Forte pedal
     Felts colourred
     Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech.yes
    Colourspdf217.56 KB