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Thanks to the French company Modartt, which develops and provides software for artistic and technological applications, we took a significant step forward in terms of the digital sound of our instruments. We have selected ANT. PETROF 275 and PETROF Mistral instruments for recording and subsequent modelling because PETROF instruments are famous for their characteristic round and romantic tone. It stands out especially on our top concert grand pianos. The sound sampling for the modelling took place in an anechoic chamber - a room which, by its properties, obtains and undistorts the crystal-clear tones of the instrument of the surrounding environment.

  •  Physically modelled sound
  • We modelled the sound after samples from an acoustic instrument
  • Original samples are not played but are used to "tune" the physical model


The Pianoteq program is designed for digital pianos/keyboards, MIDI controllers, and silent systems. The program can also be used by amateurs and professional sound engineers and pianists, who can continue to work with the sound, virtually tune and intone the instrument, etc.
Thanks to the supplied USB cable, you can connect to your computer.


Based on the samples, the sound is physically modelled by one of the leaders in digital audio synthesis, the French company Modartt. The sound differs from most products on the market created using the traditional simple sampling of an acoustic instrument.
Physical modelling not only makes a copy of the acoustic sound but truly simulates its growth from the very foundations of the piano.

For the first time in history, aside from the verified and innovative physical model of the Modartt company, they used an anechoic chamber to produce the sound samples. Thanks to an anechoic chamber, it was possible to obtain exceptionally great sound samples, based on which we created the outstandingly realistic physical model of the pianos mentioned above.

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