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Atelier Mitani, in cooperation with PETROF, has created a unique instrument that combines Japanese craftmanship and music, precision and piano construction from the Czech Republic. With the use of the traditional Japanese technique of maki-e, the piano is decorated with butterfly motives. One of these is the national butterfly of Japan called Japanese Emperor. When changing the incident light, butterflies look alive. The grass is represented by a cut of golden slices, along with the inserted mother-of-pearl pieces.

  • Technical specification
     Length (mm)   1590
     Width (mm)1525
     Height (mm)1025
     Weight (kg)309
     Sound board materialResonance spruce wood
     Active area (m²)1,019
     Ribs (number, shape)10, spherical
     Soundboard constructionwedgewise tapered 9 – 7 mm
     Cast iron plateWet sand casting
     Surfacing of iron platelight gold metallic paint, diamond effect
     Pin block – materialMultiplex beech plywood, density 800 - 850 kg/m3
     Inner rim material9 laminas – beech, birch
     Inner rim thickness35 mm
     Wooden frame posts3 longitudinal
     Descant post material spruce
     Cut off bar (corner cross rib)no
     Outer rim – materialSandwich, solid alder wood core, plywood coated, inner venner Ebony Makassar
     Bridge – treblesolid maple wood
     Bridge - basssolid maple wood
     Bridge pinssteel – ground tips
     Agraffes material – numberbrass, 1-59
     Duplexess - frontgis2 - c5
     Duplexes - reard2 - c5
     Strings - materialsteel wire Röslau Germany, cooper winding Degen Germany
     Hitching of plain stringsdouble
     Dampers - numberled.68
     Actionstandard -  RENNER - PETROF
     Hammer headsRENNER original
     KeyboardTangential sawn spruce wood, individually balanced with lead
     Black keysEbony wood
     Pedalsleft - Unacorda (Piano) pedal,     middle -  Sostenuto (Prolongement) pedal,     right - Sustein pedal
     Legs and castorsstandard legs, small unbraked castors
     PETROF sign on right side wallyes
     Felts colourred + black
     Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech.yes
    Maki-epdf222.80 KB

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