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Concert grand piano ANT. PETROF 275 is the flagship of the entire PETROF line. The instrument's creation was preceded by five years of development and two years of testing. This model brought numerous innovations to piano craftsmanship, with some actually having been patented. Grand piano ANT. PETROF 275 has become a symbol of the combination of modern technologies and traditional production processes. The company's most experienced specialists participate in its construction using the most exclusive materials. Thanks to an entirely new structure, careful processing, and a unique round tone for the PETROF instruments, this piano will bring to life every desire from the deepest parts of the artist's soul and delight even the most discerning audience.

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  • Technical specification
    Length (mm)2750
    Width (mm)1580
    Height (mm)1025
    Weight (kg)588
    Sound board materialsolid resonance spruce wood
    Sound board active area 1,880 m2
    Ribs (number, shape)16, asymetric
    Soundboard constructiondiaphragmatic tapered by CNC shaper 9,5 – 6,5 mm
    Cast iron platewet sand casting
    Surfacing of iron plategold metalic paint, diamond effect
    Pin block – materialhard rock maple from Canada
    Inner rim materialbeech wood
    Inner rim thickness50 mm
    Wooden frame postsspruce-beech laminated, 4+2
    Descant post materialbeech wood
    Cut off bar (corner cross rib)round shape, multiple beech
    Outer rim – materialbirch plywood sandwich, inner veneer: Olive wood
    Bridge – treblesolid maple wood
    Bridge – basssolid maple wood
    Bridge pinsstainless steel-ground tips
    Agraffes (material, number)brass, gold plated, 1-53
    Duplexes – frontd2 – c5
    Duplexes – reard1 – c5
    Strings – materialsteel wire Röslau Germany, copper winding Degen
    Hitching of plain stringssingle
    Dampers – number1-69
    Hammer headsRenner
    Keyboardspruce wood, individually balanced keys
    Keys balancing, touch weight55g in bass – 50g in treble
    Black keysEbony wood
    PedalsUnacorda (Piano) pedal, Sostenuto (Prolongement) pedal, Forte pedal
    Castorsbrass, braked castors
    Sign on right side wallANT. PETROF
    Felts colourred
    Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech.yes

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