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Resilient leatherette cover for a grand piano of the length 159 cm, 173 cm, 194 cm,
210 cm, 237 cm, 284 cm.

Resilient leatherette cover for an upright piano of the height 118 cm, 125 cm, 131 cm, 135 cm.


Grand piano pads

  • brass – inner diameter 11 cm
  • brass – inner diameter 8,5 cm
  • brass (nickel-plated) – inner diameter 11 cm and 8,5 cm
  • hardened plastic – inner diameter
    7,5 cm

Upright piano pads

  • brass – inner diameter 5,5 cm
  • brass (nickel-plated) – inner diameter 5,5 cm
  • hardened plastic – inner diameter 6 cm

Pedal Adapter

The design is suitable for all types of grand pianos and upright pianos. The adapter is secured against slipping and sliding. There are rubber stops on the legs and the back edge which leans on the instrument.

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Dampp Chaser

The Dampp-Chaser system decreases the effects of the environment, such as humidity and temperature. It works as a heater and a water vaporizer. The system, placed in the upright piano, is hidden inside the instrument and it is not visible at first glance. Only a water tube and a small 3 LED control box are visible. There is also a version for a grand piano. The device must be connected to 230V.

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