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Research and development (R&D)

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The research activity has a relatively long tradition in PETROF. The research centre was established in the beginning of the sixties and until 1989 it engaged in music acoustics of wind and stringed instruments; today it only deals with pianos. Another sphere of interest is concerned with vibrations, signal analysis, measurement of characteristics of wood and metal, development of special measuring methods etc.
At present, the company has a modern and one of the biggest free-field rooms in the Czech Republic, which started operation at the beginning of 1995. Further, extensive measuring equipment for reading of sound and vibration is available here, including means for analysis of signal and experimental modal analysis. Attention is also paid to the influence of the climate on material features of resonance wood.
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Recently, the research activity has been focused on cooperation with universities, research centres in our country and abroad. The results gained from academic research is then applied and used in practise. The research is concentrated on the question of creating numerical models of individual parts of the piano having influence on its acoustic features. For that purpose, measuring methods are developed in order to allow for the obtaining input data for numerical models and to allow for assessing the validity of such models. At the same time, the developed measuring methods serve directly to objective assessment of the quality of our production.

Empirical knowledge obtained by cooperation of manufacturers and musicians have been more and more significantly completed with music acoustics and technical physics recently. The development of these branches actively solves the related improvement of the sound of the instruments.

Research of the influences of changes of the materials and technologies used is possible and very necessary, both from the point of view of long-term stability, and from the point of view of acoustic qualities of all instruments.

The possibilities of the research are almost inexhaustable thanks to the experience passed on from generation to generation, maturity, detached view with certainty and at the same time with respect, devotion and humility. With regard to the wish to know the not known and to discover new cooperation between the science and the building of music instruments, the creative work is based on systematic activity extending the accuracy of understanding, which leads to the use of the obtained knowledge and creation of hypotheses in new or considerably improved technologies introduced into the practical production of musical instruments. Petrof wants to help the client to recognize high-quality goods. PETROF brand is based on tradition - tradition of our instruments made by qualified people with long-year experience.


PETROF cooperation with institutions 

PETROF company cooperates with many universities, high schools and research institutes, e.g.:  
  • Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (www.feec.vutbr.cz)
  • Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology, Technical University in Zvolen (www.tuzvo.sk, www.acoustics.sk)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology (www.fme.vutbr.cz)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (www.fs.cvut.cz)
  • Secondary School of Music Instruments and Furniture in Hradec Kralove (www.hnn.cz)
  • Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (www.hamu.cz)
  • Faculty of Informatics and Management, University of Hradec Kralove (www.uhk.cz/fim)
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Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova能够传承祖辈一百五十年前所开创的钢琴传统制造工业,对我而言是一种莫大的荣幸。佩卓夫专注于立式钢琴和三角钢琴的制造,并且一直致力于优良的制造工艺。能够为广大钢琴弹琴者带来快乐,并且能够用佩卓夫那被时光雕琢的柔美音色感动全世界热爱音乐的人的心,是我们一直所追求的目标。
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