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Middle series

The upright piano middle series provides the largest range of different models and colour finishes, allowing the possibility to select the instrument so that it corresponds with the interior in which it is situated.  
These instruments rank among the most favoured not only thanks to this fact, but also thanks to their excellent dynamic characteristics and sound.   
These upright pianos are used not only for every day playing and rehearsing, but also as accompanying instruments for singing and recitation; therefore they are suitable for music schools and homes. You can appreciate many wonderful moments with your family around these instruments.      
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President's word

Zuzana Ceralova PetrofovaI am honored that grand and upright pianos of PETROF brand have been a source of delight not only for top-class piano players, composers, students and their teachers, but that they with their romantic and sophisticated tone have also been touching the hearts of music lovers all over the world for more than 150 years.
Mgr. Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova
President of the PETROF Group
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