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P 173 Breeze Demichippendale grand piano

P 173 Breeze Demichippendale grand piano
The P 173 Breeze Demichippendale grand piano is part of the PETROF style instrument instruments collection. It produces the characteristic tone and it matches stylishly furnished interiors with its design and distinctly shaped elements.


ground view
a 1525 mm ° 60,04“
b 1720 mm ° 67,72“
height Height - 1006 mm ° 39,60“
weight Weight – 309 kg ° 680 lb
Grand piano P IV Demichippendale - detail
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Zuzana Ceralova PetrofovaI am honored that grand and upright pianos of PETROF brand have been a source of delight not only for top-class piano players, composers, students and their teachers, but that they with their romantic and sophisticated tone have also been touching the hearts of music lovers all over the world for almost 150 years.
Mgr. Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova
president of the company
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