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P 194 Storm grand piano

P 194 Storm grand piano
P 194 Storm 钢琴师标准系列里声音最浑厚的一款。其使用场合非常广,适合高标准的音乐家,可以作为音乐学校的教学琴,也可以用于小型乐厅或在娱乐场所进行演奏。这款钢琴有着PETROF特有的唯美音色。


nákres a 1525 mm ° 60,04“
b 1940 mm ° 76,38“
height 高度 - 1006 mm ° 39,60“
weight 重量 – 342 kg ° 752 lb
Technical specifiacation
P 194 Storm grand piano - detail

Advantages of the construction and materials used in PETROF 194 Storm


Petrof original.
Inner rim is laminated solid beech, birch, 12 lamels.
Outer rim is from alder-tree, laminated by birch plywood.
Inner face is veneered horizontally by Ebony Makassar.
Total thickness 7 cm.
The rim is produced with highest exactness at "CNC machine".

The solid construction of the rim of the P 194 Storm grand piano ensures high and longterm tuning stability and action regulation as well as sound board crown stability which is a prerequisite for perfect performance. Rare Ebony on inner face supports noble appearance of piano.

Frame posts

The rim is reinforced by 4 masive spruce posts.
The connection is provided by fish-tail and beech dowels.
The frame posts are produced with high exactness at "CNC machine".

The frame posts provide a high contour stability of the frame, of the tuning and of the regulation.


Petrof original.
Solid beech core, solid alder outer lining, gabon counter veneer, outer decorative thin veneer.
The legs are 625 mm long.

The robust construction of the legs ensures high stability of the instrument whilst being played dynamically.

Iron plate

Czech producer. Gray cast iron, wet sand casted, hand finished surface, CNC worked.
New colour.

Precise drilling means exact length of strings and creates good conditions for their optimal oscillation and creation of an exact tone. The iron plate, which is of a vivid light gold tint, perfects the modern design of the instrument. It is possible to harmonize the piano design with the design of its surroundings and to produce a piano with silver metal parts.

Hardware fittings

Petrof original.
Solid brass, polished, lacquered.

Hardware fittings are corrosion resistant, therefore they do not require any maintanance.


Special beech plywood type Multiplex.
Original veneer thickness 2 mm compressed to the density 800 - 850kg/m3 (= 6 veneer layers/cm), high moisture resistant glue.

The pinblock in this grand piano has a high resistance against atmospheric changes (e.g. humidity). It provides equal torque of tuning pins, which results in a particularly high stability of tuning.


Petrof original.
The soundboard is made from European mountain spruce.
It is symmetric crowned, wedge tapered from 9 mm in the front to 7.7 mm in bass arc.

Symmetric crown and wedge tapering of soundboard gives Storm piano round singing tone colour typical for PETROF pianos. Piano is suitable for chamber-music and for advanced players.


Petrof original.
The ribs are made from European spruce and are symmetrically circular shaped.
The cross rib is produced from beech, is straight and is machined at "CNC machine".

Symmetric circular shaped ribs support stability of soundboard crown. They participate on typical piano sound.


Petrof original.
Treble bridge - solid beech body, hornbeam cap in middle section, genuine ebony top cap in top descant section.
Bass bridge - with a foot bridge, solid beech body, hornbeam top cap.
Top caps are graphite coated, machine notched, hand drilled for pins.

Hornbeam and Ebony caps of treble bridge support bright tones of middle and treble frequencies. Foot bridge construction enables excellent sounding of low tones.


Agraffes, front and rear pretuned duplexes.
Laser positioning of duplex bridges (frets).
Single hitch pinning in the whole range.

The construction of agraffes and duplexes are fully comparable to the world class grand pianos. The single hitch pinning provides better tuning stability, simpler exchange of strings.
The duplexes enrich a colour of tones.

Tuning pins

Steel, nickeled.

The tuning pins are of the best quality and they are corrosion resistant.


Steel wire Mapes USA, Röslau Germany.
Copper winding - Degen Germany.
Longest string 1410 mm.

Strings used in the P 194 Strom grand piano are made from string wire of the world´s best quality.

Hammer heads

Abel Germany, walnut or hornbeam mouldings.
Abel premium under felt and top felt.
Hornbeam hammer shanks.

Hammer heads Abel, which are fitted in this grand piano, are some of the best worldwide. They enable the player to get a great variety of tones.


Petrof, hornbeam heads.
Felt Laoureux France.

The felt, manufactured by French company Laoureux, is a guarantee of the highest quality proved by generations.


Petrof original action.
Wippen rail aluminium.
Hammer rail aluminium.
Hornbeam action parts.

The PETROF action is quick, with good repetition, it enables the grand piano Storm to be played confidently, even technically demanding passages, and to have full control of creating tones. Specifically profiled aluminium action rails are very stable also in changing humidity.


Petrof original.
European spruce, white and black acrylic tops – Polyplex Sweden.
Individually balanced keys.

Grand piano P 194 Storm has keys of European origin, each key is individually balanced. The quality is proven by more than 140 years of production tradition. Key tops provides pleasant feeling and reliable play.

Key bed

Petrof construction - spruce wood sandwich,  beech veneerd.
Beech hardwood insert is inset in the spruce core in legs and lyre area.  
The key bed thickness is 47 mm.
The key bed is additionally reinforced by a strong solid wood rail on the bottom of the key bed.
Key bed is CNC machined for a perfect fit and high accuracy.
Robust key bed ensures high stability both in play and regulation, it provides a feeling of reliance allowing the pianists to perform to their full potential.


3 pedals, solid brass.
Middle pedal has function of prolongement.

The construcion, materials and function of P 194 Storm´s pedals are comparable in quality with the highest class pianos´ pedal mechanisms.


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Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova能够传承祖辈一百五十年前所开创的钢琴传统制造工业,对我而言是一种莫大的荣幸。佩卓夫专注于立式钢琴和三角钢琴的制造,并且一直致力于优良的制造工艺。能够为广大钢琴弹琴者带来快乐,并且能够用佩卓夫那被时光雕琢的柔美音色感动全世界热爱音乐的人的心,是我们一直所追求的目标。
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