PETROF Pianobar

A partner in society

While developing and building new prototypes we created a piano with a bar-style seating arangement. It is perfect for music clubs, where it adds to the pleasant atmosphere. As with our other pianos the Pianobar has a characteristic tonal colouring. We have supplemented the piano with the PianoDisc, providing us with a unique set.


Black, high polish (0801)
Mahagony, high polish (3281)
Walnut, high polish (2251)
White, high polish (0001)
Cherry, satin (6217)
Mahagony, satin (3287)
Walnut, satin (2357)
Alder, satin (8107)
Oak, satin (1207)
Oak, satin (1207)
White, matte (0002)
Ivory, high polish (0051)
* Other finishes per order