P 194 Sabina grand piano
Klavír P 194 SABINA
Klavír P 194 SABINA patří mezi umělecky ztvárněné výrobky PETROF.
Jedná se o menší koncertní model klavíru neobvyklého originálního designu, zdobený exotickou perletí novozélandských mušlí Paua.
All the metal fittings of this instrument are executed in glossy silver color, nickel-coated or chromium-plated. The decorative insertions of the iron plate windows, the peripheral screws of the iron plate and the lid prop are unique designed, made of white shining metal.  
The hexagonal legs are originally shaped and the subtle stainless steel and pearl incrustation can excel on their outer vertical edge. The same detail is used on the box of lyre. The PETROF sign on the fallboard is made from pearl too.   
The originality of P 194 Sabina emphasizes its beautiful sound quality. P 194 Sabina is characterized by romantic and lyric tone in particular.
I The Grand piano P 194 Sabina offers splendid and luxurious experience that results from the instrument´s excellent harmony between the original design and noble-minded tone.   
P 194 SABINA - details
P 194 SABINA - details
P 194 SABINA - details
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