P 194 Storm Styl grand piano
P 194 Storm Styl grand piano
The P 194 Storm Styl grand piano is part of the PETROF style instruments collection. It has an unmistakable tone, characteristic of PETROF instruments.


ground view
a 1525 mm ° 60,04“
b 1930 mm ° 75,98“
height Height - 1006 mm ° 39,60“
weight Weight – 342 kg ° 752 lb
P 194 Storm Styl
Length   (mm)    1940 mm (76,38 inch)
Width     (mm) 1525 mm (60,04 inch)
Height   (mm) 1025 mm (40,35 inch)
Weight   (kg) 342 kg (754 lb)
Sound board material solid resonance spruce wood
Sound board active area  1,311
Ribs (number, shape) 12, spherical
Soundboard construction wedgewise tapered
Cast iron plate wet sand casting
Surfacing of iron plate light gold metallic paint, diamond effekt
Pin block - material multiplex beech plywood
Inner rim material beech, birch 
Inner rim thickness 45 mm
Wooden frame posts 4 longitudinal
Descant post material -
Cut off bar (corner cross rib) straight, beech
Outer rim - material Sandwich, solid alder wood core, plywood coated, inner veneer Ebony Makassar
Bridge - treble solid maple wood
Bridge - bass solid maple wood
Bridge pins steel-ground tips
Agraffes (material, number) brass, 1-50
Duplexes - front h1 - c5
Duplexes - rear fis1 - c5
Strings - material steel wire, copper winding
Hitching of plain strings  single
Dampers - number 1-69
Action top quality european action
Hammer heads top quality felt hammer heads
Keyboard spruce wood, individually balanced keys
Keys balancing, touch weight  55g in bass - 50g in treble
Black keys Ebony wood
Pedals Unacorda (Piano) pedal, Sostenuto (Prolongement) pedal, Forte pedal
Castors brass, unbraked castors 
PETROF sign on right side wall PETROF
Felts colour red+ black
Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech. yes
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