Grand piano iron plate

Research - iron plate

Recently the activities in the research and development department of the PETROF company have been focused on cooperation with universities and research centres; the results gained from this cooperation are then applied and used in practice.

The most significant example of this successful cooperation with the scientific institutions is the optimization of grand piano iron plate. The iron plate used in the new generation of PETROF grand pianos was cast on the basis of results of topological optimization, FEM (finite element method) model of the construction. Thanks to this method, it is possible to find the points, which are loaded by the highest pressures, tensity or deformation because of both static and dynamic pressures.

Some of the partial results of this research are shown in the following photo-gallery.
Pic. 1 – Optimalization of the  iron plate
Pic. 2 – Result – gometric model
Pic. 3 – Model of forces
Pic. 4 - Modální vlastnosti LR - vlastní tvary kmitu 51Hz
Pic. 5 - Modální vlastnosti LR - vlastní tvary kmitu 35Hz
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