Feutrons - Environmental chambers

They allow applying climatic tests. The simulation is made in ranges of different temperatures:
- 40°C + 100°C, relative humidity from 25% to 99% RV.

The timing is fully automatic with the possibility of: alternating both the temperature differences and the humidities, setting air circulation and condensation point etc.

The chamber is able to simulate climatic environments of different ranges, helping to reduce the risks related to changes of climatic effect on the instrument. The records of temperatures and humidity can be represented in the form of a chart or a time line diagram of the values measured with the use of a recording thermometer, Commeter hygrometer or Zapalog, which are calibrated. The record is periodical - basic error limit: metrologic class 1 according to ÈSN EN 12830, relative humidity error max. ± 1,5% RV, temperature error max. ± 0,3°C.
Periodical data saving is adjustable by a range of 10sec - 24 hours, the number of records into memory is 8000.
Dimensions of air conditioning chambers of Feutron in mm:
chamber 1 – w. 720, h. 840, depth 600
chamber 2 – w. 1870, h. 1700, depth 840
Usage: very wide – it is possible to verify, test and evaluate. For example the resistance of paints against penetration of humidity, tests of glues – glued joints, packing technology, plastics, woods and other materials, surface treatment, influence of climatic changes on shape – dimension stability etc.
Further, it is possible to accelerate the simulation of aging, verifying so the time stability.
Environmental chamber 1
Environmental chamber 2
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