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Antonín Petrof
1839 - Birth of the company founder Antonín Petrof.
1857 - Antonín Petrof goes to Vienna to learn how to build grand pianos at the companies: HEITZMAN, EHRBAR, SCHWEIGHOFER.
1864 - Hradec Králové – construction of the first concert grand piano.
1865 - Antonín Petrof transforms his father’s joinery workshop into a piano maker’s workshop in the old town behind the Cathedral of Svatý Duch (Holy Ghost).
1866 - Austro-Prussian battle at Hradec Králové – production is interrupted.
1874 - The company relocates to a new property outside of the city in the direction of Brno; apart from grand pianos, the company also starts making bourdons.
1880 - A subsidiary in Temesvar in Hungary is opened.
1881 - The company starts keyboard production and the construction of action.
1883 - Production of upright pianos is introduced.
1895 - The company starts exporting instruments, and a warehouse and service centre are established in Vienna.
1899 - Antonín Petrof is appointed by the Emperor as court piano-builder for the Austro-Hungarian Empire and secret councillor. Both titles are later transferred to his sons.
1908 - The company is transformed into a limited liability company, and Marie Petrofová is the confidential clerk. Not only the founder, but also his sons Jan, Jan, Antonín and from 1914 the youngest Vladimír (2nd generation) work for the company.
1915 - Antonín Petrof and his wife Marie die. Throughout the years of the war, the company is managed by the youngest son Vladimír.
1924 - Production of electro-pneumatic pianos and later radio-acoustic pianos is introduced. PETROF now exports also to Japan, China, Australia and South America.
1928 - PETROF together with the significant American manufacturer STEINWAY open a subsidiary in London at Wigmore Street. The company management enlarges the company administration with the 3rd Petrof generation: Dimitrij, Eduard and Eugene.
1934 - GRAND PRIX – PETROF instruments win the gold medal at the world EXPO in Brussels. 400 people work at the factory.
1948 - Nationalisation of the factory. The Petrofs’ property and rights are confiscated.
1954 - A development department for upright pianos and grand pianos is established.
1958 - The PETROF Mondial grand piano wins the gold medal at EXPO Brussels. Bourdon production is stopped.
1991 - Ing. Jan Petrof (4th generation) takes over after 43 years of totalitarian regime – start of the privatisation process.
1994 - A new modern research centre is opened with its own large-capacity free-field measuring chamber, the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic.
1997 - Továrna na pianina, a. s. is established in Hradec Králové.
1998 - Privatisation of the company by PETROF, spol. s r. o. is finalised.
1999 - 135th anniversary of establishment of the PETROF company.
2001 - PETROF, spol. s r. o. – the factory passed successfully into the hands of the Petrof family, the 5th generation enters.
2003 Magnetic accelerated action is patented..
2004 - The first instrument using MAA action is built and presented at Frankfurt 2004 in Germany. 140th anniversary of establishment of the PETROF company – Mgr. Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová (5th generation) becomes president of the company – production of upright and grand piano action of private construction is renewed.
2005 - Mgr. Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová is appointed president of the European Federation of Music Instrument Manufacturers – CAFIM.
2006 - Production series of 5 grand piano sizes, addition of the P 210 Pasat and PETROF VI concert pianos. Upon request from the customer, it is possible to fit the instrument with its own magnetically balanced keyboard. P 210 Pasat a PETROF VI. 2007 - PETROF instruments are marked with the new seal of EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE (acronym EEX). This brand emphasises the European origin of the instrument and guarantees a long lifetime, expert service and high user value. Custom piano building for the most demanding customers, Storm concert grand piano..
2008 - Opening of the subsidiary PETROF USA, new P 237 Monsoon, P 173 Breeze and P 159 Bora grand pianos. P 237 Monsoon, P 173 Breeze and P 159 Bora.
2009 - Completion of the new generation of PETROF grand pianos. Cooperation with an audio-legend Mark Levinson (cabinets for speakers for high-end audio system DANIEL HERTZ). 
2012 – Introduction of the new upright piano P 127 Next, the new instrument of modern design (Modern collection)
2013 – The intonation proces improved, PETROF grand pianos have now wider dynamic range.
2014 - PETROF celebrated the 150. anniversary. The high-end brand ANT. PETROF is launched and the first model ANT. PETROF 275 is introduced.
2015 – The grand piano ANT. PETROF 225 was introduced. Mgr. Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová was awarded titles of MANAGER OF THE YEAR (MANAŽERKA ROKU), MANAGER OF THE INDUSTRY (MANAŽERKA ODVĚTVÍ), AN EXCELLENT MANAGER OF A MEDIUM-SIZED COMPANY (VYNIKAJÍCÍ MANAŽER STŘEDNÍ FIRMY ), and TOP 10 MANAGER OF THE YEAR (TOP 10 MANAŽER ROKU). PETROF won the first place in TRADITION (TRADICE) category of a prestigious competition CZECH GOODWILL and the award CZECH BUSINESS SILVER in The Business of 2015 (Firma roku 2015) competition.
1. Woodprocessing workshop, around 1912
2. Second generation (Jan, Antonin, Vladimir)
3. Third generation (Dmitrij, Eduard, Eugen)
4. Old PETROF factory, view from the Na Brne street, around 1935
5. Completation of the pianos, around 1930
6. Manufacturing the actions, around 1930
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Zuzana Ceralova PetrofovaI am honored that grand and upright pianos of PETROF brand have been a source of delight not only for top-class piano players, composers, students and their teachers, but that they with their romantic and sophisticated tone have also been touching the hearts of music lovers all over the world for more than 150 years.
Mgr. Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova
President of PETROF Group
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